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Temporary Graduate Visa OVHC Health Cover Requirement

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How to find the best price
Calculating the final date of your visa

Only 5 insurance companies offer Overseas Student Health Cover. 

While they all offer the same base product, the prices are very different!

We would like to share a link to what we believe is the most clear  and affordable, way to buy OSHC for your situation. 


You must be covered for the full duration of your visa.

Depending on the length of your course, and when it ends, you will have an extra 1, 2, or 3 months added to your visa (with full work rights which is great).

These extra month need to be added to your health cover!

If course, or group of courses, is:


  • 10 months or less = 1 extra month

  • over 10 months = 2 extra months

  • over 10 months with the final course ending in December = 3 extra months

Factor this into your dates for the quotation/purchase!

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Final visa date
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If your visa is (sadly) refused, your OVHC will be fully refunded.

In addition, if you stop your studies & cancel/change your visa, the portion of the OVHC you have not used will be refunded. 

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