Graduate Visa Application Guidance

Step-by-Step, Question-by-Question

Up to 5,000 graduate visas are refused annually

Usually due to simple mistakes

Don't let this happen to you!

Know what a migration agent knows

Don't risk a refusal

Do I qualify?

Don't lose $1,535 & your chance at work rights. Ensure you have everything you need.

Document Checklist

There is a very long list of evidence! We share everything you may need to include.

Every Rule Explained

Take the confusion away. Benefit from clear explanations of every requirement & rule.

Save time & Effort

Links to everything you need to do + a question-by-question guide save so much time!

Stop searching multiple websites

for clarification & help!

Let us coach you through the process

Ready to get started?

Follow our e-book from beginning to end:

Every requirement

Every question

Every piece of evidence

You have just 6 months to gather all your evidence & apply,

so give yourself the best chance for a perfect application! 

Visa Applications
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