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Application Form


This application form can be completed digitally.

You can add your digital signature if you download a free version of Adobe Reader DC.

Directions for using Adobe DC

Please ensure you read to the bottom of this page.

Of note on Page 3:

Section 6: Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) 

Do you want us to arrange Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)?

Select No 

Visa Application Australia will assist you to purchase the cheapest option when the time comes to prepare for your student visa application.

Section 7: Unique Student Identifier (USI)

If you have already been an international student in Australia, you should have USI. 

If this is your 1st course in Australia (which will be the case for most students), please do the following:

Select No

If you are IN Australia, create your own number through this link - you will need your passport and visa grant letter.

If you are OUTSIDE Australia, you will not be able to create your own number unless you hold an Australian visa, so select the 2nd box authorising the college to do it for you.

Of note on Page 6:

If you have already been an international student in Australia, you should have USI. 

Section 11: Declaration

If you are happy with the Declaration, please sign & date.

Next Steps:

Once complete, please save a copy of each form (in case we do not successfully receive them), and scan back to:

For your application, if you have not already sent these to us, we also need:


All Applicants:

  • a colour scan/photo of your passport information page

  • proof of you highest level of education (ie. high school certificate)

Plus... for applicants applying IN Australia (onshore)

  • your current visa grant letter

  • all completions/transcripts you have received if you have been studying in Australia

  • OSHC Certificate (for current international students)

  • previous and current CoEs (for current international students)

Once the application has been submitted, we await the Letter of Offer. This generally takes 2-4 days.

Thank you

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