Temporary Graduate Visa General Information

General Facts

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General 485 Visa Information 


The Temporary Graduate 485 visa offers new graduates the opportunity to gain work experience in their field of study. It can give new graduates time to organise themselves prior to permanent residency applications, and is also a good way to improve English skills in the workplace.

It provides full work rights, and the ability to do additional study.

To be eligible for the Professional Year, you must hold this visa. No other visa categories are eligible. Be aware you are required to have 1 year left on your Graduate visa to apply for the program.

Unlike a 457, you do not need a job offer from a company, there is no minimum salary requirement, nor is this work visa points tested.

Requirements for all applicants


For both streams of the visa, all applicants must:


  • be in Australia at the time of applying - Note the current Covid situation updates here

  • hold a valid visa -  Student or Bridging

  • be under the age of 50 on the date you apply for the visa

  As per the Document Checklist:

Visa length


The visa is valid for between 18 months to 4 years, depending on your visa stream, and the qualification(s) you completed.

Cost of 485 Graduate visa application


Main Applicant (the graduate)

Online application = $AU 1,650 

Additional applicants

Over 18 years old = $AU 825 each

Under 18 years old = $AU 415 each

Including dependents

The visa can include dependents who were on the principle applicant's Student visa.


Family members outside Australia at the time of application may be included at a later date, but their information must added be at the time of your application to be considered after the fact. 

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