500 Visa Application Training

Follow our training modules through every requirement of the Student visa. 
We explain everything you need to know & do!

'Applying for a Student Visa' Training

The clear way to apply for your new subclass 500 visa

PART 1: Requirements & Evidence

This portion of the training can be used free of charge.

It will help you to understand the general rules and documentation you will be required to demonstrate in your online application. 

Part 2 of the training comes with a small fee, and will guide you through every step and question in the application. 

Module 1 - Document Checklist
Understand your Risk Rating, and learn how this affects your application & required evidence.
Module 2 - GTE Requirement
The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement is one of the most important parts of the visa application.
Module 3 - English Requirement
Find out who needs to provide an English exam result as evidence of the required level of English.
Module 4 - Financial Requirement
Understand which applicants must demonstrate financial capacity & the documents that can be used as evidence.
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  Document Checklist-Risk Rating  
  GTE Requirement  
  English Requirement  
  Financial Requirement  

PART 2: Step-By-Step, Question-By-Question Application Training

There is a fee for access to this section of the training.

You will be guided through each stage of the application, and find tips and clarification in the confusing parts. Know what a migration agent knows!

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  Writing a GTE Statement  
  Creating an ImmiAccount 
  Researching your Answers 
 Question-by-Question Guide 
Module 5: Writing a GTE Statement
We coach you on how to write a strong, clear statement for the application.
Module 6: Creating an ImmiAccount
Learn how to set up your online account with the Immigration Department.
Module 7: Answers to Research
We provide an overview of the questions you may need to research before you apply.
Module 8: Question-by-Question
We share every question & provide explanations in the confusing sections.
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 How to write your GTE 
  Create an ImmiAccount  
  Research to do in Advance   
  Question-by-Question Guide  

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