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Temporary Graduate Visa Training

485 Visa Application Training

Follow our training modules through every requirement of the Temporary Graduate visa. 
We explain everything you need to know & do!

'Temporary Graduate Visa Application' Training

Stop searching multiple websites to find the answers to this confusing visa! Everything is in now in one place.
Know what a migration agent knows to get that visa lodged with ease.

PART 1: Do I Qualifying for the Graduate Visa?

This section of the training will help you to understand the general rules and requirements to be eligible to apply for the visa.

Links at the end of each module will assist you to with further information about each requirement. 

Part 2 of the training will guide you through the application itself.

 General Requirements 
 English Language Requirement 
 Australian Study Requirement 

PART 2: Application Preparation & Step-by-Step Guidance

There is a fee for access to this section of the training.

Buy access: Introductory Offer: 

These modules will coach your through every part of preparing & completing the application.

Links at the end of each module will assist you with further information for preparing for that part of the application.

 Police Check 
 Health Cover Requirement 
 Creating an ImmiAccount 
 Answers to Research in Advance
 Every Application Question Explained 
 2 Streams of the Visa 
 Locked Assess 
 Locked Assess 
 Locked Assess 
 Locked Assess 
 Locked Assess 
 Locked Assess 
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