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Streams 485 Graduate Visa

485 Graduate Visa Streams

We explain:
Difference between streams
Preparing for each stream

2 Streams of the TR Visa

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The Stream you will apply for depends on what you have studied. 

As long as you have met the Australian study requirement, you will apply for either the Post Study Work Stream or the Graduate Work Stream.

Our eBook for each stream goes into great detail, but this page provides a general overview of the differences, and requirements.

Which Stream am I? This depends on the level of the course(s) you completed, and the subject matter.


If you studied a Bachelor or higher, you will likely apply for the Post Study Work Stream.

If you studied a Certificate or Diploma and it leads to a job/profession on the Medium and Long‑term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), you will likely apply for the Graduate Work Stream.

​​Post Study Work Stream

Graduate Work Stream

Post Study Work Stream

Post Study Work Stream

This is the stream that the majority of graduates will apply for.

To qualify for the Post Study Work Stream, you will have completed the requirements for a bachelor degree or higher, in a minimum of 92 weeks. 

The visa will be granted for 2-5 years, depending on your final qualification, and nationality. 

Unfortunately, unless it is 'nested' in the final qualification, neither a Graduate Certificate nor a Graduate Diploma qualify for this Stream. You may need to do some additional study to qualify. Talk to us if you need advice on additional courses. 

Graduate Work Stream

Graduate Work Stream

Please note:

The requirements for the graduate visa have been updated - to be eligible for the changes, you must apply by June 30, 2023


As per the temporary change, you no longer have to study a course related to a skilled occupation, nor provide a provisional skills assessment. Thus, this is opening this visa stream up to many other vocational education and training graduates.


However, you still must meet the 92 week study requirement, graduating with one or more of the following: bachelors degree or higher, diploma, advanced diploma, or trade qualification. Please see more information on this page.

In addition,  the visa will be temporarily granted for 2 years instead of 1.5 years.

Read more about this major change here

If you have studied a course that is related to the skilled occupations list, you may still want to consider doing the provisional skills assessment for your industry, as it may be required for activities such as the Job Ready Program.

As always, we recommend you consult with a migration agent or lawyer for further information outside what is shared on the Department of Home Affairs website, as all changes can have ramifications to any plans you are making. Contact us for a recommendation.

This stream of the TR Visa may be available to graduates who have completed a skill or trade, in a minimum of 92 weeks of study while in Australia.

The qualification MUST lead to a job on the Medium and Long‑term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).


The visa will be granted for 1.5 years. 

In order to apply for this stream, you are required to:

  • nominate an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (MLTSSL). Only one can be selected, and cannot be changed.

  • provide evidence that you have applied for, or already completed,  a skills assessment with the assessing authority for your industry. 

  • prove your degree(s), diploma(s), or trade qualification(s) are closely related to your nominated skilled occupation. You can general use more than 1 qualification to meet the 2-year requirements, but the qualification must be very closely related. 

Certificate III in Carpentry + Certificate IV in Carpentry - these are a logical connection

Certificate III in Carpentry + Certificate IV in Business - these are not a logical connection

 The are specific & often complicated steps, for each stream, so we highly recommend you buy the eBook!
We share links explaining each requirement, and how to organise your evidence

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