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Australian International Student Course & Visa Guidance

Australia is one of the world's top international student destinations. Attracting students for reasons including top ranking universities and colleges, the laid-back Aussie lifestyle, beautiful oceans and weather, and developing an understanding of English-speaking culture.

There are 1000s of courses at 100s of education providers (schools) that teach international students. We will help you understand your options, and guide you through the process - 100% fee of charge.

Please enjoy the content on the website and connect for a free consultation at any time.

International Student Visa Courses

Student Visa Courses

& Enrolment

Learn about your study options as an International Student. We share courses, manage the application process & clarify the rules.

Temporary Graduate 485 Visa Support

Temporary Graduate 485 Support

After graduating in Australia, many students will be eligible for the this temporary residency (TR) visa for 1.5 to 6 years of work rights.

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Education Agency Reviews

Maria, Spain

Highly recommended and professional service. I had a few problem getting my enrolment organized do I found Visa Application Australia to help me. They did all the paperwork and I started class very quickly.

Rachel, Sierra Leone

An excellent pathway to your success is Visa Application Australia, it is the best and most reliable recommended Agency for me in Australia. A special thanks to Lesley who is always there to support you in your academic dreams and ensuring that things are done the right way and successful results at the end. Many thanks to you Visa Application Australia for making my dreams come true.

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