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Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

OSHC Requirement

As part of your requirements, all Student visa holders, and accompanying family, must have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of the visa. It helps students cover the cost of medical and hospital care.  It also provides limited assistance with medicine and ambulance costs. 

At the time of application, you must show evidence that you have paid the amount in full. 

Unfortunately, you cannot pay by the month. 

Once you have purchased a policy, your health insurance provider will issue an OSHC Certificate, which serves as evidence of your health insurance to for the application. This Certificate must be attached at the end, or you risk a refusal.  

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Exempt Nationalities

If you are the following, you do not need to purchase OSHC:


Norwegian - covered by the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme
Swedish - covered by Kammarkollegiet
Belgian - covered under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia


Please note: having reciprocal health cover on certain visas (such as a Working Holiday or Visitor Visa) does not automatically mean you are eligible for Medicare while on a student visa. For example, the Republic of Ireland.

If you are applying as one of the nationalities below, you must purchase OSHC, but may be entitled to Medicare as well:

  • Italy (please understand the 6-month rule)

  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Slovenia
  • UK

It is important to note that you will only be covered for the same services that are considered 'medically necessary' in your home country. 


You generally have to be a resident of your country before arriving in Australia.

Services Australia has detailed information on certain nationalities and what health cover they are entitled to.

Exempt nationalities

OSHC Providers / Insurers

Only 6 insurance companies provide OSHC. Each must provide the basic level of service as dictated by the immigration department. 

ahm OSHC
Allianz Care Australia
BUPA Australia
CBHS International Health
Medibank Private

The price and level of cover depends on your situation. Being a family with children is VERY expensive, so ensure you know these costs before committing to studying in Australia.  

You generally get what you pay for, so compare inclusions, such as hospital cover and waiting periods, especially if you have specific medial concerns.

OSHC Providers
What is covered?

What is Covered under the OSHC Policy?

The services covered by OSHC are enforced by the government through the Deed for the provision of Overseas Student Health Cover. The last time the Deed was updated was July 2022. All 6 insurers must provide this level of cover.

This is a good overview of what you can expect to receive:

Flywire provides a great overview of what is covered by OSHC.

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