GTE Requirement


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For both your enrolment and the visa application, you are required to meet certain expectations. This is critical to a successful outcome and must be managed correctly.


GTE Assessment​


As the name suggests, a Genuine Temporary Entrant, known as a 'GTE', is someone coming into the country temporarily to work or study for a specified period of time.

This person does NOT plan to stay permanently.

Australian immigration must be confident that you are applying for your visa in order to be a GENUINE student. Meaning, you are coming to Australia to study with the intention to return home when you have completed your studies. 

It is important to understand that while there are additional visas you may be entitled to apply after graduating (such as the 485 Graduate Visa), staying long term in Australia should not be your goal or intention. 

'Red Flags' in your Visa Application

Your case office will be looking for issues that might not make you a genuine student, and plan to stay in Australia after you graduate. Such things might be:

  • your visa history - both in Australia and into other countries

  • the situation in your home country

  • having immediate family in Australia

  • not completing courses  which you started in the past

  • having gaps in your employment & education

  • taking a course that is not related to your background

  • constantly taking short, cheap courses

  • plus many other concerns



Student visas can be refused for very simple reasons.

Our free service will make sure that does no happen.