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Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement

GTE Assessment​

For both your enrolment and your visa application, you are required to meet certain expectations. This is critical to successfully becoming an international student.


As the name suggests, a Genuine Temporary Entrant, known as a 'GTE', is someone coming into Australia temporarily to work or study, for a specified period of time.

This person does NOT plan to stay permanently. Meaning, you are coming to Australia to study, with the intention to return home (or to another country) when you have completed your studies. 

It is important to understand that while there are additional visas you may be entitled to apply after graduating (such as the 485 Graduate Visa), staying long-term in Australia is not expected be your goal or intention. Remaining in Australia is never a guarantee, and you should not be told otherwise.

How can you prepare?

Ensure you are a strong candidate to be an Australian international student.


These may be some of the considerations that the case officer will consider when assessing your student visa application:

  • your visa history - both in Australia and in other countries

  • the economic, political and social situation in your home country

  • your personal financial circumstances in your home country

  • family permanently living in Australia

  • not completing courses which you had started in  Australia in the past

  • having gaps in your employment & education

  • taking a course that is not related to your work and study background

  • You have not studies in at least 2 years

  • plus other considerations

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