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485 Temporary Graduate Visa Application Support

Temporary Graduate Visa Application Support

"Do It Yourself"

485 Application Services

The Graduate Visa is a straight forward application, but it is important to make sure nothing is missing and you have answered everything correctly.

Many graduates prepare the visa themselves, as it is expensive to pay a migration agent or lawyer to do the application for you. However, 1 mistake can result in a visa refusal - applying for the wrong stream, not have the right 'nested' courses,  the wrong health insurance...anything!

So, we have come up with 2 affordable tools to help!

1.  Application Guide eBook - $28.95

2.  Migration Lawyer Application & Document Review Service - $385

Applying for the Temporary Graduate Visa eBook

485 Graduate Visa eBook Guide

Remove the Confusion

Clear explanations & links to all requirements:

  • Police check

  • Provisional skills assessment

  • Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC)

  • English requirement

  • Study requirement

  • Step-by-step guidance for answering every question in the application itself


Migration Lawyer Review Service

Be confident you are submitting a 'decision-ready' application

Our trusted registered Australian migration lawyer will read through your visa draft & cross-check your documents. He will them make recommendations for any changes needed.

Give yourself peace of mind.

Check 485 TR Visa Application
Review Service

TR Visa eBook Topics

We've worked it all out for you

Graduate Visa subclass 485 Guide
485 Temporary Graduate Visa Requirements

TR Visa Requirements

1. Australian Study Requirement
      i. Acceptable Courses

      ii. 92 Weeks

      iii. 16 Calendar Months 
2. Evidence of English Ability
3. Visa Streams

     i. Post Study Work Stream 

     ii. Graduate Work Stream
4. Health Cover Requirement
5. Character Requirement

6. Police Check
7. Health Requirement & Check

485 Temporary Graduate Visa Document Checklist

485 Document Checklist

1. Personal Identity Documents

2. Family Relationship Documents

3. Health Insurance Documents

4. Police Clearance Certificate

5. Australian Study Documents

6. English Language Ability Documents

7. Graduate Work Stream Documents

ImmiAccount Set-Up

Question-by-Question Guide

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