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Evidence of Funds

Proof you can support yourself as an International Student

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This page was updated on May 8, 2024 with the most current information available.


Depending on your passport nationality, and the education provider you have selected, you may or may not be required to show evidence that you have genuine access to money to support yourself and any family members who accompany you.


Refer to the Immigration Department's Document Checklist Tool to see what you are required to provide as financial evidence. This depends on your passport and the education provider you will be attending.



Even if you not required to include financial documents in your online application, your case officer can request proof of funds at any time. In addition, if you did provide evidence in the application, you can be asked to show additional funds. Be prepared for anything!

Funds to demonstrate

What funds must I show?

The Department of Home Affairs must be satisfied that all students can support themselves during his or her time in Australia. This is a very expensive country in which to live, and relying the limited hours on student work rights will never cover these costs.

These funds support your living, study, and travel in and out of Australia.

This is a breakdown of the current amounts from May 10, 2024:

Travel Costs

  • if applying from East or Southern Africa - $2,500

  • if applying from West Africa - $3,000

  • if applying from any other country from outside Australia - $2,000

  • if applying while in Australia - $1,000

  • if applying while in Australia, but will be returning to West Africa - $1,500

Who can show the funds for me?

Who can show the funds?

Close family can show the funds for you, but your case officer will consider:


  • the type of the relationship you have with that person (ie. aunt who is a permanent resident)

  • your income, assets, and employment, and/or the same of the other person providing the funds,

  • your previous visa history, and the same of the person providing the funds. (ie. have either of you traveled often to Australia?)


Documentation of Funds

There are quite a few different documents you can provide as evidence, but these depend on your situation.

If we are managing your enrolment, we will provide all required guidance.


However, you can see more information on showing evidence of funds on the Department of Home Affairs website.

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