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Temporary Graduate Visa Document Checklist

 485 Document Checklist

For each section below, we recommend you purchase

the eBook  which goes into great detail about how to meet each requirement in full.

This TR Visa application has many requirements & documents, which must be organised before applying. 

The overview of these requirements is referred to as the Document Checklist.

However, it is much more than just a checklist! 

In our training, we will outline each requirement in great detail, ensuring you are prepared for the application process, and a successful visa grant. 

Eligible Visas

Eligible Visas

485 Visa Document Checklist

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Before you waste too much time, you need to make sure you are entitled to apply.

You must have held an eligible Student visa within the past 6 months before applying. You can also hold a Bridging A, Bridging B, or Visitor visa.

Some advice:


  • Your visa must be free of a No Further Stay condition.

    A NFS means you cannot apply for ANY additional visas onshore. You must leave the country to do so.


  • You must be onshore to apply for the 485. You cannot apply offshore. 

    Special Note: Due to Covid, the Immigration is currently allowing applicaints to apply from offshore

    Read about the update here


Streams of the Visa

It is very important that you understand which stream (version) of the visa you are applying for.


This tends to be the most confusing part of the visa for most applicants, so we highly recommend you watch the video training on each stream.


There are 2 streams to choose from. The stream you choose will depend on what qualification you have completed. 

1. Post-Study Work Stream


If you completed a Bachelor, Masters, or PhD, you will select this stream. 

IMPORTANT: If you applied for, and were granted, your first student visa on of before November 5, 2011, you cannot apply for this stream.

However you may be eligible for the second stream, depending on your course content.

2. Graduate Work Stream


If you completed a Certificate or Diploma which leads the job on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL),  you will select this stream. 

This stream also requires a provisional skills assessment. 

Learn more detail about the 2 streams >

Australian Study Requirement

Australian Study Requirement

To qualify for this visa, you must have completed a qualification which was: 

  • registered on CRICOS 

  • conducted in English

  • at least 92 weeks long, and completed within a minimum of 16 calendar months

  • completed while on a student visa

Learn more detail about the Study Requirement >

English Skills Requirement

English skills

You are free from this requirement if you:


  • hold a valid passport from the UK, USA , Canada, New Zealand,  or Ireland

  • AND you are a citizen of that country.


Otherwise, you must provide evidence of your skills at the time of application. 


Five test results  below must be a a maximum of 3 years old on the day of the application, and 5 tests results are accepted. 

IELTS, OET, TOEFL, PTE Academic, and CAE results are all accepted.

Learn more detail about the English Requirement >

Health Cover Requirement

Health Cover / OVHC Requirement

Applicants must demonstrate that they have organised the appropriate level of Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC) by the time the visa is granted.

Learn more detail about the Health Cover Requirement >

Character Requirement

Character Requirement

You and any family member included in the application must provide an Australian Federal police check which is less than 12 months old.

Complete directions on this step are available in the eBook.

Health Requirement

Health Requirement

Applicants any family members included in the application are expected to meet the minimum level of health standards.

You may be asked  to undergo a health examination.

Purchase the ebook to see the documents and process to have this completed, as it is complicated.

Be Debt Free

Be Debt-Free to the Australian Government

Applicants may not have any outstanding debt to the Australian government, or must have already arranged to repay the debt.

This rule is the same for all family members who may be included in the application.

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